The Industry

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December, 2014
Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconias, Quartz
The ring is 5cm tall.
The big stone is: 3.1cm x 2.1cm x 5cm (HxWxD)

This ring was part of a series of work where I made fun of the modern commercial jewelry aesthetic. The idea came from working within the jewelry industry for a time, and becoming acutely aware of just how gaudy and ugly a lot of rings were. The stones were incredibly important for those rings, and more often than not designs would be based around shoehorning the biggest rock they could into a particular ring. So, I decided to take this idea to its next logical extreme by setting a comically large stone on top of a massive band.

I was pretty passionate about mocking on this kind of practice in grad school, and I still am to this day—albeit in a subtler manner. Here’s a snippet from the original artist statement:

It is an aberrant abomination which I hesitate to call a ring. It is an absurd joke befitting the mockery that I consider contemporary jewelry to be. It represents all the contempt which I hold towards the gem encrusted standard created by the likes of companies who care more about their bottom line than creativity. It is the next logical progression to the ungodly "centerpiece" gems which are so often the focal point of their jewelry items. It is absurd, it is comical, and it is how I view such jewelry.