Material Matters: The Consideration, Use, and Validity of Anomalous Objects Within the Jewelry Medium



I create jewelry by utilizing traditional metalsmithing techniques and design philosophies in tandem with non-traditional materials. I have chosen jewelry as my preferred medium due to my admiration for metalworking, the large degree of control this scale permits, and the degrees of self-expression this wearable media offers. Within my work, I put an emphasis on non-traditional “oddball” materials that I find to be fascinating or endearing due to their physical characteristics, curious reputation, and/or amusing history.

I am wary of the accepted hierarchy of materials that permeates jewelry and consumer culture alike, and I feel that a stringent devotion to this system can stifle creativity and impose a set of artificial limitations for both the maker and the wearer. Within my work, I intend to offer an alternative which has been constructed through design, craftsmanship, and care—something to serve as a lens with which to see through and push past these arbitrary boundaries and lead one down the path of inquiry. It is by evaluating things differently than what is typically accepted and keeping an open mind that many adventurous avenues of thought are possible.