Hexagon Series

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Spring, 2017
Various materials

Artist Statement:

Pattern. Order. Repetition.

  • I have made a series of brooches based off of a simple tessellation pattern.
  • This pattern exemplifies my aesthetic, and provides a neutral form in which to display its contents.
  • The arrangement of light and dark in each hexagonal brooch is deliberate. Each one follows the same pattern:
This gives it the illusion of three dimensionality.

This gives it the illusion of three dimensionality.

  • The materials and the groupings are also deliberate. Each brooch is a minimalist representation of something I find noteworthy.
  • This could be a time in my life, a trivial thing that vexes me, a desire, a material which elicits an emotional response, or just an idea I find amusing.
  • I am a very pedantic person, and I tend to overthink things a lot. It helps me to break things down to their basic components and make lists to categorize them.
  • I find that things become much easier to handle when they have a sense of order; a task or a problem that once seemed like an impossible undertaking can be demystified in the same way a three-dimensional illusion can become two-dimensional once you mentally take it apart figure out what makes it work.
  • I have created these brooches using this thought process. They are an orderly representation of these aforementioned "noteworthy" concepts or ideas.
  • Each brooch is modular, and as such you are free to arrange and rearrange them in whatever manner you choose.
  • Depending on how many you wear, they can be anything from a cacophonous cluster of ideas, to a brief and discreet statement.
  • One could view this work as selfish or self indulgent. I wouldn't disagree. To me, art is putting a piece of yourself on display and having the audacity to assume anyone cares.
  • Why not go the extra mile and wear your heart art on your sleeve?