Fossil Brooch 1

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February, 2015
Coprolite, diamonds, sterling silver, and stainless steel
7.3cm x 4cm x 1cm
(HxWxD; measured at the thickest point.)

This brooch took an alternate look at diamonds: those infinitely precious bits of sparkle that permeate jewelry and serve as a benchmark of monetary value for many. The idea here was to create a brooch that utilized diamonds as nothing more than accents to a much larger stone, which served as the centerpiece of the brooch. And this "centerpiece" stone was fossilized dinosaur excrement. (Also known as coprolite.)

Now, seeing that there is a Fossil Brooch 2 and even a Fossil Brooch 3, it's pretty clear that this one didn't exactly work. Because while the diamonds were relegated to mere accents that I shoved into the corners of the brooch, the origin of the large cabochon was not readily understood; that is to say, you wouldn't know what it was until I told you or you read the artist statement. (And in my experience, people don't like reading those.) Further, it was criticized for being a bit too modern and controlled—thus implying that I am buying into systems of value by rigidly sticking to standard jewelry design conventions.