Farewell Brooch 3

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July, 2017
Brass, found pinion gears, and feathers
The rim of the brooch is 32mm in diameter, and with the feathers it is roughly 10 cm from end to end.

This is the third and final brooch in the UMass Dartmouth "Farewell" series. This one is for UMD's shop technician and resident artist, Shingo Furawaka. Shingo is an incredibly knowledgeable metalsmith who is best known for his kinetic sculptures, and he was the person I usually asked went to when I had a technical problem with something I was working on. (And nine times out of ten, he had the solution.)

Figuring out exactly what to make his brooch look like was difficult. I knew that it would need to be kinetic as to reference his work, but I wanted it to look like it was a part of the same series as the other two brooches. Eventually a design came to me when I acquired those two brass pinions from another kinetic artist/mentor, Sarah Doremus. (They can be purchased here by the way.) The final product is a brooch that strokes your fingers with its feathers when you spin the wheel protruding from the back of it.