I am a Massachusetts based jeweler living just outside of Boston. I have a penchant for anomalous, oddball materials, traditional metalsmithing, and those specific pockets of history where reality was stranger than fiction.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2012, where I majored in "Jewelry & Metalsmithing." I then received my Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts: Dartmouth in 2016, majoring in "Metals/Jewelry." Since then, I have worked as a professor, instructor, and teacher for various art institutions.


Artist Statement

My work utilizes traditional metalsmithing techniques and a wide verity of non-traditional materials to produce jewelry which both questions and comments on notions of romanticism, value, fakery, and the hierarchy of materials present within modern day consumer culture. I intend to push for a broader system of value through my work, one which has been formulated though experience, consideration, and critical thinking.


My resume and CV are available upon request.